Smoking in Amsterdam

One of the things Amsterdam is famous for to many foreigners is its liberal policy towards smoking of cannabis-products like marihuana and hash. There are hundreds of shops in Amsterdam where weed and pre-prepared joints of marihuana or hash are sold openly. In those places it is usually possible to sit down, relax and smoke as well. The quality of weed, marihuana and hash is usually high in Amsterdam. So not only the most well-known places sell good stuff, so there is no need to go specifically to Barney's, the Greenhouse, the BullDog, the Dampkring or the Grey Area. In case you would like to do a tour of shops where weed and other cannabis-products are sold, please use this form.

Since the seventies The Netherlands have a so called 'gedoog' policy towards the use and sale of small portions of hash, marihuana and weed. During the late sixties and early seventies there were a lot of people in Amsterdam who smoked Marihuana. In order to reduce the streettrade the son of the minister of health in the mid '70's, a smoker himself, suggested to start tolerating shops where cannabis-products like weed, marihuana and hash were sold. From 1976 on the authorities started tolerating places where cannabis-products like weed, marihuana and hash were sold as long as these places didn't sell hard-drugs like heroin and cocaine as well and as long as they didn't sell to minors. A third condition was and is that shops are not allowed to have more than 500 gram in stock and that don't sell more than 5 gram per person.

There are at the moment around 200 shops in Amsterdam that sell weed, marihuana, hash and prepared joints. Some shops sell space-cakes, cakes prepared with cannabis as well. These shops, especially those in the center of Amsterdam attract many tourists. Around 25% of all tourists who visit Amsterdam, visit a shop where marihuana, weed, hash and other cannabis-products are sold.

There was discussion in The Netherlands about introducing a pass-system which would limit selling of cannabis-products like weed and hash to Dutch nationals who are at least 18 years old but this pass-system is cancelled. Formally shop-owners and their personnel should ask for a Dutch passport if somebody wants to buy weed, a prepared joint and the like. Enforcement of that rule is depended on the policy of mayors of cities who govern and instruct the police. In Amsterdam the mayor has already declared that he will not order the local police to check shops that sell marihuana and other cannabis-products whether they sell to foreigners.

SO: THERE IS NO BAN OF SELLING MARIHUANA, WEED, PREPARED JOINTS, HASH, SPACE-CAKES AND OTHER CANNABIS-PRODUCTS IN EFFECT IN AMSTERDAM!  It is still very well possible to come to Amsterdam, buy your weed or hash and smoke with friends and other tourists in a cozy shop.

There are shops that sell magic mushrooms and psychedlic herbs in Amsterdam as well. These shops are not allowed to sell so-called paddo's anymore as this is prohibited according to Dutch law since 2008. Other plants and mushrooms which cause a hallocinugenic effect when consumed which are not prohibited and being sold in shops in Amsterdam though. SO IN THERE ARE STILL SMART-SHOPS TOO in Amsterdam.

There is a museum about the use of products of the hemp-plant throughout the centuries. If you want to visit it, please fill in this form to book a tour which includes it.

The shops that sell cannabis-products like weed and hash attract many, especially young tourist. Those in the center of Amsterdam very often have cozy area's where people can sit down, relax and smoke their joints and meet a lot of people from all thinkable countries in the world. Many of these shops have nice interiors and are very worth seeing. Each year in november there is a kind of contest where panels of smokers decide what their favourite weed is. Many shops deliver their varieties to that Contest. It is possible to participate in the panel of this cannabis-cup. You pay 200 euro's or so for it and will be testing hundreds of varieties of marihuana during a week.        

Besides the ordinary shops that sell cannabis-products like marihuana, weed, hash and the like there are specialized shops in Amsterdam that sell seeds of cannabisplants and equipment for growing cannabis-plants.

Are you interested in taking a tour including shops where they sell cannabis-products or seeds or if you are interested in visiting the Marihuana, Hash and Hemp museum, please use this form