Red Light District

One of the things Amsterdam is famous for is the so called 'Red Light District'. Prostitutes are waiting for customers behind red illuminated windows. Prostitution nowadays is legal in The Netherlands and Amsterdam. For foreigners the openness of the prostitution can be shocking and surprises many of them. Many tourists expect the prostitutes to be ugly while in reality many of them are young and very beautiful.

Besides 'the windows' there are a lot of stripteasebars, 'theaters' where you can see 'live-shows' and shops where you can buy toys in the Red Light District. In the Red Light District there is the Erotic Museum as well. The Sex Museum is not in the Red Light District itself but can easily be combined with visiting the prostitution area. Especially in the evening there is a special atmosphere in the Red light District. Under is a picture of the District to give you an impression.

                          prostitution neighborhood amsterdam

In general it is not dangerous in Amsterdam's prostitution area. It is wise to take a tour with a our private guide though because we know the little narrow streets.

We provide tours around the prostitution district with your private guide. So just your group, no other people attending. A short tour will take 1,5 hours and costs 50 euro's, longer tours that include visiting the Erotic Museum or a live show are possible too.

For further information and in order to book a tour through the prostitution area of Amsterdam, please contact us, or use the bookings form.