Art and Museums of Amsterdam

From the 15th century on there were paintingschools developing in what is called The Netherlands now.
Especially from the early 17th century till the early 18th century many masters produced tens of thousands of beautiful paintings. Many of the Dutch seventeenth century paintings and painters are considered to be world-class. The painting school is diverse and comprises portraits, religious pieces, still lifes portraying flowers or tables filled with food, paintings of landscapes, sea views, house scenes, views on cities and paintings of animals.

Painters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Frans Hals, Jan Steen, Ruysdael, Gerard Dou, Gerrit van Honthorst, Bartholomeus van der Helst, Pieter de Hoogh, Pieter Saenredam, Willem van der Velde the elderly and Jan van der Heijden are world-famous. Many of the paintings of the many 17th century masters are exhibited in The National Museum which will re-open in April 2013 in Amsterdam.
At this National Museum there are exhibitions about the Dutch history, 17th and 18th century dutch silverwork (true masterpieces), 17th and 18th century Delfware (dutch China) and things like miniature 17th century puppethouses as well. Dutch history is illustrated with many historic paintings.The museum has tens of paintings by Rembrandt and several by Vermeer, besides literally thousands of other dutch 17th century masters. It is one of the best places to see the dutch 17th century paintings in the world.

The former house of Rembrandt is a museum as well, the front of the house is original from the early 17th century. The interior has been reconstructed based on the documents that were made up when Rembrandt went bankrupt. It is a very nice, relatively small museum that tells a lot about Rembandt, his way of working and personal life. Very worth visiting! Our guide loves 17th century dutch paintings and knows quite a lot about it. If you are interested to take a tour with him that includes the National Museum and/or the former house of Rembrandt, please contact us, or use our bookings form.

The Dutch painting tradition didn't stop with the 17th and 18th century masters; In the late 19th-century another world-class Dutch painter appeared: Vincent van Gogh. The Van Goghmuseum exhibits a large part of his paintings and explains a lot about his work and live. Till the 25th of April most of the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh are exhibited at the Hermitage Amsterdam because the Van Goghmuseum is being restored. For bookings and further information about tours that includes the Van Goghmuseum don't hesitate to contact us, or use our bookings form.

At the Hermitage Amsterdam itself there are temporary exhibitions of material of the Hermitage museum in Saint-Petersburg that change every half year to 9 months. Many times these are exhibitions of paintings like the Flemish masters or impressionists. Modern Art is exhibited at the so called Stedelijk Museum. There is also a CoBra-museum in Amstelveen, a city nearby Amsterdam.

One of the most visited museums in Amsterdam is the Anne Frankhouse. It is the former hiding place of the German Jewish family Frank. Anne Frank wrote her world-famous diary here. It is often very busy at the Anne Frankhouse, long queues might occur in weekends and during holiday-periods here. Because the Anne Frankhouse is a foundation there is nowhere presale of tickets for the Anne Frankhouse except for on their website.

There are other museums in Amsterdam about the Dutch Resistance organisations during the Second World War, about the history of the city of Amsterdam, about the history of the Jewish community in The Netherlands and Amsterdam and about the interior of 17th and 18th century canal mansions. All of these are worth seeing, as is the Royal Palace. The central hall of the Royal Palace is magnificent and a must-see in Amsterdam.

There is a museum of the history of the Amsterdam football club Ajax as well. The former Heineken brewery is now an exhibition about the history of the Heineken company and brewing the beer, the Heineken Experience. There is a branch of the waxmuseum Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam as well. Medieval torture methods are exhibited in the Torture museum. There is a quiet large zoo in the center of Amsterdam as well.   

We can plan a tour based on your interests and preferences. We could include museums in the tour and combine visiting one or several museums with a sightseeing tour of the highlights of the city. Please fill in this form in order to book a tour or request more detailed information.