Welcome on our website about one of the most beautiful and interesting cities of Europe; Amsterdam. We provide tours of Amsterdam with your own private guide. There is no minimum number of people for a tour, your group can range from only one individual up to a group of 30. We provide tailor-made tours of Amsterdam for each customer.

In our tours with private guide we could for instance focus on scenic routes and the history of Amsterdam, and include a tour of the infamous Red Light District where prostitutes wait behind windows and try to seduce customers to enter their rooms. Among the options is also visiting one or several of the Art Museums of Amsterdam in a tour in order to see paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh. Might you be interested in the freedom of smoking a joint in Amsterdam, we could take you to one or several of the most famous coffeeshops in Amsterdam; The Grey Area, Barney's coffeeshop, the Dampkring, the Greenhouse, the Grashopper or The Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum. The Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum explains the use of Hemp in all kind of products throughout history.

There is a history of several hundred years of Jewish presence in Amsterdam. In case you are interested in seeing and learning more about the history of Jews in Amsterdam, we can customise a tour with the focus on the presence and history of the Jewish community in Amsterdam. If you want to visit the Anne Frankhouse, we could include that in a tour as well. Because of the often very long queues for the Anne Frankhouse it is advisable to buy tickets in advance. We can arrange that for you.

Prices for tours range from roughly 50 euro for a tour of the Red Light District with a duration of 2 hours, to 200 euro's for a full-day tour on a popular day. These prices are exclusive of the additional costs like entrance fees, bike rentals, tickets for boat-tours, taxi's and the like. Prices are higher during busy periods (April/May, all the weekends, mid-July till mid August, long weekends like easter, Ascension day and the days after, between Christmas and Newyear, Whitsuntide), lower on working days. Prices are dependent on group-size as well. In case of a pick-up at the airport or at a hotel outside of the city center of Amsterdam there will be more time involved and prices of tours will be somewhat higher. Book in time, preferably at least 3 weeks in advance. This assures there is enough time to discuss a program and to buy tickets in advance. A last-minute request makes the risk that our tours are already fully booked much higher.

Amsterdam is very scenic and characteristic with it's many canals and typical 17th and 18th century houses in the Dutch Renaissance-style. Besides the most famous highlights like the Anne Frankhouse, Van Goghmuseum, coffeeshops and Red Light District there is a lot more to see, including hidden almhouses and smaller, less well-known museums. Our private guide is able to show you these in a tour. For more information about Amsterdam, please use this form.

The best way to see Amsterdam is by bike. For the many customers for whom this isn't an
option the best is to combine walking with some public transport, taxi's or a boat tour. Tours by car are not a good idea as many points of interest are not accessible by car and parking and traffic lights often cause a lot of hassle.

For booking a tour or asking further information about our tours, please use this form

All our tours are private tours, just with you or your group crossing Amsterdam. Because we live in this great city, we can provide you with up-to date and detailed information about things like places to go and places to eat. We know the way around and make sure you don't have to search a long time for the attractions. We can reserve your tickets for museums like the Van Goghmuseum or the Anne Frankhouse and for boattours as well. In case you have a stop-over at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol; a stop-over or layover of al least 6 hours is enough to do a tour of Amsterdam of at least 2 to 3 hours. That's enough to get a first quick impression of Amsterdam. For further questions about tours during stop-overs or layovers please use this form.

Last but not least we could be your guide on a tour of the city or on a walk through the Red Light District, the infamous area of Amsterdam where the prostitutes work. We are experts in the history and present of Amsterdam and can explain you much about the city. We strongly recommend the planning and arranging of your stay here. It saves a lot of time and makes your stay much more interesting; Take a tour with our private guide, you will see more, understand more and spend your time much more effectively.

By clicking on the links on the left side of this webpage, you can obtain more information about subjects that you want to know more about. Every page gives you the possibility to book a tour with a private guide (only your group) through Amsterdam. You can consult us about your ideal program during the trip. We plan a program according to your personal interests then.

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